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Ketosis Vs. Fat Adapted | AMA
"What exactly does "Fat Adapted" or "Keto Adapted" mean to you. We hear it everywhere in the keto carnivore world, but how do I know if I am f...
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Ways to Improve Life Over 50 | AMA
"What is the most important thing people over the age of 50 should focus on in order to achieve optimal health OTHER than the keto diet and exe...
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Quitting Cardio | AMA
"How do I stop doing cardio without gaining weight?" - Ana  If you write me a SOLID question, AND I use it in these YouTube videos, I wi...
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The Future of the Keto Diet | AMA
"What do you think was the "turning point" in your keto diet, keto brick/keto savage lifestyle that gave you clarity that the journey you were ...
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Eating to Maintain Your Weight | AMA
 If you write me a SOLID question, AND I use it in these YouTube videos, I will send you a free package of Keto Bricks. All you need to do is ...
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How Did I Make The First Video On Youtube | AMA
"How do I make the first introductory video on YouTube? I'm at a complete loss. I know exactly what I want to do. That's help people through ...
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Full Body Workouts | AMA
"What are your thoughts on doing a full body split 5-6 days a week? Hitting every body part everyday. I've been doing a push, pull, legs split ...
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Progressive Overload | AMA
"How would you approach cardio if you are trying to lean down but still keep it sustainable without having to continually add time and intensit...
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