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The Business of Owning a Gym with Will Anthony
Do you have aspirations to own your own gym? Will Anthony is the brains behind Ozark Iron Gym, which just so happens to be where I train. If you'...
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Becoming Superhuman with Mr. Noots
Are you interested in how nootropics can help you on your health journey? Mr. Noots, founder of Nootopia, is an expert in nootropic supplements...
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Trusting Your Gut with Marc Washington
Why is gut health so important? Marc Washington is a health and wellness executive and founder of Supergut. He has a wealth of knowledge when it...
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A Deep Dive into DNA with Tanya Pennington
Are you aware of how significant a role your genetics play in your overall health and wellness? Tanya Pennington is a Functional Nutritional Th...
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From Keto to Mold with Functional Wellness Practitioner Kelly Troup
Do you suffer from illness due to mold exposure? Kelly Troup is a functional wellness practitioner who healed herself through nutrition. She is ...
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Competitive Bodybuilding with Aaron Orton
Are you interested in competitive natural bodybuilding but don't know much about it? Aaron Orton is a natural bodybuilding competitor and also th...
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Competition Prep and Experimentation with Colt Milton
For this episode, we welcomed back special guest and good friend, Colt Milton, to discuss his insane competition season. He did some experimentin...
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Get Ready for Grilling Season with Our Yoder Smoker Giveaway!
For me, the entire month of April will consist of meat and Keto Bricks, and there's no better way to prepare meat than with a smoker! We've done ...
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