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No Excuses With Laura Spath
Are you too busy to focus on your health? Well, this episode is for you! Laura Spath is a busy working mother to two and still lost over 100 pou...
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The Science of Exercise and Nutrition with Philip Prins
Dr. Philip Prins is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science. Last year, he began a year-long study on low carbohydrate training using Keto Bri...
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All Things Strength Training with Guru Ebenezer Samuel
Ebenezer Samuel is a fitness writer for Men's Health magazine, but his role encompasses much more than that. He is responsible for some of the v...
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Being Vulnerable About Addiction with Frank Rich
Have you ever suffered from addiction but didn't realize it? Frank Rich was exposed to pornography at a very early age and didn't realize until m...
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Conquering Anorexia With Kelsey Buchalter
Have you ever struggled with disordered eating? Kelsey Buchalter battled anorexia for a good portion of her life, and eventually made it t...
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Baby Savage Has Arrived!
If you haven’t yet heard, Robert Rigel Sikes made his appearance and we are over the moon! As promised, we documented each trimester of Crystal’s p...
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Cooking Away Fats | AMA
"What do you do with the fat that renders out of meat while cooking? I usually cook my ground meat/patties and then just throw my eggs in the r...
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All About Blood Sugar with Danielle Hamilton
Do you know how vital blood sugar levels are to your health? Danielle Hamilton suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, hormonal imbalance, wei...
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