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My 2023 Competition Prep
For this episode, my lovely wife, Crystal, interviewed me about my upcoming competition prep and all the things we have going on for 2023 regardi...
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Getting the Funk Out with Dr. Kozlowski
For this episode, we welcome back Dr. Peter Kozlowski to discuss his new book, Get the Funk Out., hormonal health, and how to improve your body ...
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Agreeing to Disagree with Dr. Patrick Vickers
Occasionally, I will have guests on the podcast with whom I disagree entirely: this episode is one of those examples. I chose to publish it becau...
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In the Flow with Steven Kotler
Do you understand the concept of "flow" and how to maximize it? Steven Kotler is a well-known author and has popularized the concept of flow. He ...
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oils with Udo Erasmus
Are you confused about the types of oils you should or shouldn't be eating? Born during the second world war in Europe, Udo Erasmus has led a ver...
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The Science of Nutrition with Bart Kay
Are you confused about which nutritional protocol is best for you? In this episode, I welcome Bart Kay, a retired scientist turned YouTube person...
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Nutritional Manipulations for Runners with Oz Garcia
Are you still suffering the negative effects of Covid? Oz Garcia is an avid runner and suffered from a pretty bad bout of Covid. He was in the ho...
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Giving a F*ck with Dr. Alex Wills
Do you struggle with emotional acceptance or silencing your emotions? On this episode, I welcome Dr. Alex Wills to discuss his book, Give ...
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