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Drastic Life Improvements with Melanie Thomas
Have you ever considered going strict carnivore to help with health issues? I met Melanie Thomas at Keto Palooza last year and I couldn't ...
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Supplements and Skepticism with Sara Banta
Are you confused by the world of nutritional supplements? Sara Banta is a health coach and natural supplement expert. She realizes that with heal...
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Demystifying Lab Reports with Kim Howerton
Have you ever gotten the results from a lab test and had no clue how to decipher what you were actually seeing? My good friend Kim Howerton co-...
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Keto Brick Updates with Robert Sikes
There are some minor changes happening with the Keto Brick business, so I took this opportunity to update our community about everything, ...
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Hunting, Fishing, and Eating with Bill and Billy Schindler
A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful experience of sharing the farm retreat with Dr. Bill Schindler and his son, Billy. Dr. Bill is the author of...
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Surfing the Web with Jordan Carmon
In this episode, we took a break from all things keto and dove into the world of website development and business building. Jordan Carmon is the ...
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Manipulating Macros and Elk Hunting with Michael Denehy
In this episode, I welcome back my client and friend, Michael Denehy, to discuss his recent elk hunt and the nutritional manipulations we made to...
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No-Nonsense Keto with Amy Berger
If you're new to keto and have questions, Amy Berger has the answers. She is a U.S. Air Force veteran and Certified Nutrition Specialist who spec...
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