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Conquering Type 2 Diabetes with Rome
Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or other illnesses? Rome joined me for this podcast episode after my friend Michael Dennehy sang h...
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Keto and Blood Sugar with Dr. Laura Buchanan
Are you curious as to how a ketogenic diet can help battle blood sugar issues or diabetes? Dr. Laura Buchanan is a Board-Certified Family Medi...
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Plucking Around with James Barry
For this episode, I welcome back friend and entrepreneur James Barry, the brains behind Pluck, an organ-meat-based seasoning company. James belie...
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Respecting Differences with Rob Goodwin
For this episode, I welcome back fellow keto coach Rob Goodwin. For some reason, people in the community enjoy pitting coaches against one anoth...
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How Competition Prep Affected My Spirituality
Our last episode was cut a bit short when Rigel woke up from his nap, so for this episode, I focus on how my spirituality was affected by my re...
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Looking to the Future with Crystal Sikes
Now that the competition season is over, Crystal and I have a lot to look forward to and be excited about in the coming months. For this episod...
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Taking Control of Your Health with Dr. Jen Pfleghaar
Are traditional Western medical solutions just not working for you anymore? Dr. Pfleghaar (Dr. Jen) attended medical school at Lake Erie Colleg...
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Overcoming Hard Times and Finding Purpose with Dilan Abeya
How do you find strength and fortitude when you're struggling? Dilan Abeya is a well known and up and coming fitness model from the UK who ...
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