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How to Be Truly Successful | A.M.A.
What does it take to truly be successful in life? To find fulfillment and excel in your endeavors? Here is my two cents on the subject, hope you ...
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The Differences between Keto and Carnivore! | A.M.A.
In today's AMA, I'm going to be diving into some of the main differences between Carnivore VS Keto! Which is better for performance? Which is mor...
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Keto Meal Prep | How To Hit Your Target Macros | A.M.A.
This one dives into meal prep and how to prepare foods that hit your target macros. Knowing the best way to allocate your macronutrients and distr...
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All About Steroids | A.M.A.
This one dives deep into the weeds on steroids, PED's, and other drugs. What is my take on it? Should taking steroids be allowed? Why have I dec...
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Eat Fat To Lose Fat??? What Should You Do? | A.M.A.
Should you eat a lot of dietary fat if your primary goal is to lose bodyfat? I get this question a TON! Here is my take on the matter! If you wr...
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Extended Fasting (Why It Could Be The WORST Thing For You) | A.M.A.
This AMA is all about extended FASTING and why it could be BAD for you and your goals!If you write me a SOLID question, AND I use it in these youtu...
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AMA | Ask Me Anything | Episode 1
I need your help! I need and want to provide all of you with valuable content. If you write me a SOLID question, AND I use it in these youtube vide...
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