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Taking Your Calories Too Low??? | A.M.A.
This question is all about hitting a plateau and reaching your caloric floor. How low is too low? I'm seeing a massive trend around under-consumi...
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Toning Muscle Vs. Building Muscle | A.M.A.
Should you lift heavy weights with fewer reps or lighter weights with more reps? Hopefully, this video sheds some light on the topic! If you writ...
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Keto For The Kiddos??? | A.M.A.
How do you get your kids on board with keto/low carb? Should you even push that in the first place? Hopefully, this video clears some confusion. ...
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Keto for the long haul vs short term intervention | A.M.A.
Should you leverage the ketogenic diet as a lifestyle nutritional protocol or simply shed a few lbs? How do you address these topics with others i...
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How Much Muscle Can You Build And When Should You Compete? | A.M.A.
Interested in bodybuilding? How much muscle can you gain naturally vs enhanced? What about keto vs with carbs? When do you know you're ready to ...
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Protein | How To Calculate Your Ideal Intake | A.M.A.
How much protein should you eat on a ketogenic diet? I get asked this very question ALL the time! Hopefully, this video provides some answers! I...
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Manipulating your Calories | How to make it sustainable | A.M.A.
How do you make macro/calorie manipulation sustainable? When should you stay at maintenance? How about being in a surplus or a deficit? These ar...
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Should You Test Ketones? | A.M.A.
Great question this week y'all! Should you test ketones? How about after you've been fat-adapted for a while? What is the point of constant test...
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