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Deep in the Gut with Josh Dech
If you're concerned about gut health, this episode is for you. Josh Dech is an ex-paramedic, holistic nutritionist, and medical lecturer, speci...
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In the Hot Seat with Jonathan Griffiths
For this episode, I'm actually a guest on Jonathan Griffiths' podcast, discussing my competition prep. Jonathan is the man behind Composition C...
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The Savage Manifesto for 2024
You all know I'm not a resolution person, but I do believe in creating a manifesto for each year to help focus on what the new year will bring ...
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Aging and Staying Forever Strong with Gabrielle Lyon
As a woman, do you struggle with the aging process and the adage that steak is for men? Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is blowing the lid off those old myt...
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Conquering Type 2 Diabetes with Rome
Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or other illnesses? Rome joined me for this podcast episode after my friend Michael Dennehy sang h...
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Keto and Blood Sugar with Dr. Laura Buchanan
Are you curious as to how a ketogenic diet can help battle blood sugar issues or diabetes? Dr. Laura Buchanan is a Board-Certified Family Medi...
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Plucking Around with James Barry
For this episode, I welcome back friend and entrepreneur James Barry, the brains behind Pluck, an organ-meat-based seasoning company. James belie...
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Respecting Differences with Rob Goodwin
For this episode, I welcome back fellow keto coach Rob Goodwin. For some reason, people in the community enjoy pitting coaches against one anoth...
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